Where to Buy LEGO in the UK: Online vs. In-Store


LEGO, the timeless building block toy, has captured the hearts and minds of people of all ages across the globe. In the UK, the popularity of LEGO is undeniable, with countless fans ranging from young children to adult enthusiasts. Deciding where to buy LEGO, whether online or in-store, can significantly impact your experience. Let’s dive into the pros and cons of each option to help you make an informed choice.

History of LEGO in the UK

LEGO made its debut in the UK in the 1960s Lego Shop and quickly became a household name. Over the decades, it has not only been a source of entertainment but also a tool for education and creativity. The cultural impact of LEGO in the UK is immense, with numerous exhibitions, conventions, and a dedicated fan base contributing to its ongoing success.

Benefits of Buying LEGO Online

Convenience and Accessibility

One of the most significant advantages of buying LEGO online is convenience. You can shop from the comfort of your home, at any time of the day or night, without having to travel or deal with store hours.

Wider Range of Products

Online retailers often have a more extensive selection of LEGO sets compared to physical stores. This includes both the latest releases and hard-to-find sets that may not be available in local shops.

Online Exclusives and Special Deals

Shopping online gives you access to exclusive sets and special deals that are not available in physical stores. The official LEGO website, for example, frequently offers online-only promotions and early access to new releases.

Price Comparisons and Discounts

The internet makes it easy to compare prices across different retailers, helping you find the best deals. Many online stores also offer discounts, voucher codes, and free shipping options, making it possible to save money on your purchases.

Drawbacks of Buying LEGO Online

Shipping Costs and Times

One downside to online shopping is the cost and time associated with shipping. While some retailers offer free shipping, this is not always the case, and waiting for your order to arrive can be frustrating.

Risk of Counterfeit Products

The risk of encountering counterfeit LEGO sets is higher when shopping online, especially from third-party sellers. It’s essential to buy from reputable sources to avoid disappointment.

Lack of Physical Inspection

When buying online, you cannot inspect the product before purchasing. This means you have to rely on descriptions and images, which may not always be accurate.

Top Online Retailers for LEGO in the UK

Official LEGO Website

The official LEGO website is a top choice for online shopping, offering the latest releases, exclusive sets, and regular promotions.

Amazon UK

Amazon UK provides a vast selection of LEGO sets, often at competitive prices. It’s also a great place to find customer reviews and ratings.


eBay is ideal for finding rare and discontinued LEGO sets. However, be cautious of counterfeit products and always check seller ratings.

Smyths Toys

Smyths Toys is a reliable retailer with a broad range of LEGO sets and frequent online discounts.


Argos offers a good selection of LEGO sets, often with convenient click-and-collect options and regular sales.

Benefits of Buying LEGO In-Store

Immediate Gratification

One of the best things about shopping in-store is the ability to take your purchase home immediately, without waiting for shipping.

Ability to Inspect Products

In-store shopping allows you to inspect the LEGO sets before buying, ensuring they meet your expectations in terms of quality and condition.

In-Store Exclusives

Some LEGO sets are exclusive to physical stores, providing a unique shopping experience that you can’t get online.

Personalized Customer Service

In-store shopping offers the advantage of personalized customer service. Knowledgeable staff can provide recommendations, answer questions, and help you find the perfect set.

Drawbacks of Buying LEGO In-Store

Limited Stock and Variety

Physical stores may have limited stock and variety compared to online retailers. This can make it challenging to find specific or rare sets.

Travel and Time Costs

Shopping in-store requires travel, which can be time-consuming and costly. Additionally, store hours may not always align with your schedule.

Potentially Higher Prices

Prices in physical stores can sometimes be higher than online, particularly during peak shopping seasons.

Top In-Store Retailers for LEGO in the UK

LEGO Stores

LEGO Stores offer an immersive experience with a wide range of sets, including exclusive products and in-store events.

Smyths Toys

Smyths Toys is known for its extensive selection of LEGO sets and regular in-store promotions.


Argos provides the convenience of online reservation and in-store pick-up, often with competitive prices.


Hamleys, one of the world’s oldest toy stores, offers a unique shopping experience with a large selection of LEGO sets.

John Lewis

John Lewis is renowned for its quality customer service and a good range of LEGO products, often accompanied by exclusive in-store offers.

Comparing Prices: Online vs. In-Store

General Price Trends

Generally, online prices tend to be lower due to the ability to compare and find the best deals. However, in-store promotions and discounts can sometimes match or beat online prices.

Examples of Price Differences

For example, a popular LEGO set might be priced at £79.99 online but found for £74.99 during an in-store promotion at Argos. It’s always wise to check both options.

Best Practices for Finding the Best Deals

To find the best deals, monitor both online and in-store prices, subscribe to retailer newsletters, and utilize price comparison websites.

Exclusive LEGO Sets: Online vs. In-Store

Types of Exclusives

Exclusive sets can be found both online and in-store. Online exclusives are often available through the official LEGO website, while in-store exclusives can be found at specific retailers like LEGO Stores and Hamleys.

Where to Find Them

Check the official LEGO website for online exclusives and visit flagship stores or major retailers for in-store exclusives.

Impact on Collecting

Exclusives can significantly impact a collector’s portfolio, making it essential to explore both online and in-store options to complete your collection.

Special Promotions and Discounts

Online Promotions

Online retailers frequently offer promotions such as Black Friday deals, Cyber Monday discounts, and seasonal sales.

In-Store Discounts

In-store discounts can include clearance sales, promotional events, and loyalty card benefits. Keep an eye on local store flyers and announcements.

Seasonal Sales

Both online and in-store retailers offer significant discounts during holiday seasons, making it a great time to buy LEGO.